Pop of purple

smokey winged liner

Holiday Glitter-liner

Brown and bright blue liner with violet inert corner: Brown eye makeup

Hooded Eyes Makeup. This works so well for hooded eyes, you wouldn't believe it until u try. It's not that drastic, mostly black eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. But it makes a huge difference

Bluesy Neutrals beautylish.com (Maryam M.)

Weekend Look: Sapphire eyes

Gorgeous look for brown eyes (or any!): burgundy, light pink, gold shimmer, black winged eyeliner + gold liner.

this shows it perfectly how to do cat-eye liner -- you have to draw a flat line with your eyes basically shut -- when you open, the "cat-shape" will be automatic!

bold colors.

Love the white and coral shadow with the black liner for contrast


Really Pretty make up

eye liner

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Smokey eye makeup #bold #eye #makeup #eyes

Golden Metal

.so pretty!

great lashes!

Almond shaped eyes makeup