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Filippo with Superglamorous flat shoes

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Filippo rocks his "smurf" pants

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@filippo fiora on THE THREE F -

Royalhem Blazer


Jcrew Pants



Fashion Mode




the three f: FLOWERS AT MY FEET shouse: #RoyalHem #Blazer #JCrew #Pants

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Blazer Jcrew

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the three f: FLOWERS AT MY FEET shouse: #RoyalHem #Blazer #JCrew #Pants #RobertaDiCamerino #Case

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Filippo Fiora - THE THREE F in our JOSÉ CINNAMON Espadrilles

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Filippo Fiora

Filippo Fiora - THE THREE F in our JOSÉ CINNAMON Espadrilles

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@Filippo Fiora in our HERVÉ slippers - L.A.

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Church's Shoes + Paisley Pants in Taormina Summer 2012 source: #style #menswear #boy

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Filippo Fiora in Superglamourous Jungle babouche

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those pants!

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inivyandintwine r; filippo-fiora: More photos up on my blog! Angelo Nardelli double-breasted jacket, Ralph lauren Shirt, PT01 Yellow Pants, Church’s Keats, Epos Sunglasses, IWC Watch

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Filippo Fiora wearing Sutor Mantellassi Shoes + Hermès Kelly Depeche Briefcase. Source:

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Ooo Boy 3

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filippo fiora via

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