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Since walls are not rolling stones. Man-made moss graffiti! Original link: www.popularmechan...

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HOW TO MAKE MOSS GRAFFITIAND ALSO............ Moss grows best on porous surfaces such as bricks or other stones. The best times to plant your graffiti are in the spring or fall, and keeping the moss moist will encourage its growth. If for any reason you wish to get rid of the design or parts of the design, spray it with lime juice as this will kill the moss.

So cool!! Must remember for when we move back North! Stained glass igloo + our traditional sculpture!

how to make moss graffiti - so so cool

Using moss as living "paint". Seems like it would be prefect for a wall in Seattle!

Moss graffiti!!! I just realized I have a giant brick wall on my new patio... What shall I graffiti???

All Natural Graffiti Made from Moss... Put in blender: one can of cheap beer (or 1 1/2 cups buttermilk), a few handfuls of moss, one teaspoon of sugar. You can use a brush to paint your moss onto concrete walls, rocks, or brick. Mist daily until it grows. This is awesome!

Not quite this simple to get "moss graffiti", no - moss grows slow, needs to be watered, and won't grow into those crisp lines without trimming. But!, the moss-smoothy method is solid for propagating, and this is a fun idea nonetheless.