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SO cool: the rainbow eucalyptus - a real tree whose bark changes depending on the season.

Oh, how I do love larches...a deciduous evergreen that turns bright gold and looses it needles in the fall!

trees, Chadegan, Isfahan, Iran (My parents walked this very road; it is the exact place where they first met) (ITS AMAZING!)

The artist is from UK and his name is Stuart Frost...#trees

Atmospherics, Volumetrics and Fog used as refrence for computer generated images, renderings and compositing. Visit my Online Portfolio here -> Please Re-pin, Like, Comment or Follow! #TommyAndersson #Atmospherics

tree twining~~"They are beautiful in their peace; they are wise in their silence. They will stand after we are dust. They teach us, and we tend them." -- Galeain ip - Altiem MacDunelmor

The more time you spend with someone the closer you become!!!

Tomb Raider Tree at Ta Prohm ancient Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia - (CC)Augapfel -

Amazing how nature will always take back what was originally its to begin with.

Christmas card illustration, 1950s #holidaycard #christmascard @kjameshenderson