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Apollo/Saturn V The BEST Rocket ever built and flown!!!!!

Appolo Program (info) | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

April 4, 1968: In the Apollo Program, Apollo-Saturn mission 502 (Apollo 6) is launched as the second and last unmanned test flight of the Saturn V launch vehicle.

The surface area of Saturn's moon Mimas is slightly less than the land area of Spain and is composed of water ice with only a small amount of rock. Yet Saturn's resonances with Mimas, and Mimas' resonances with other orbiting satellites are instrumental in the formation of Saturn's rings.

Rocket launch seen from space. [Space Future:]

Twenty Awesome Covers From The US Space Program

January 10, 1962: Apollo program: NASA announces plans to build the C-5 rocket launch vehicle. It became better known as the Saturn V Moon rocket, which launched every Apollo Moon mission.

Rocket engineer Wernher von Braun in front of his saturn V engine

Apollo 9 Splashdown Command Module Gumdrop splashes down in the Atlantic recovery area 4.5 nautical miles from the prime recovery ship, U.S.S. Guadalcanal, March 13, 1969 via: NASA

Orion - Apollo. Looks like there's no messing with a proven design!