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An exhausted American soldier just back from the front lines near the town of Murrigen during the Battle of the Bulge. With victory at the Battle of the Bulge on January 25, 1945, the final triumph over Nazi Germany was in reach; Allied forces pressed their advantage and began the last push toward Berlin. On May 7, Germany agreed to an unconditional surrender.

The Battle of Berlin rages on but this German soldier needs to take a break. Behind him the Reichstag building is in flames but he could care less. April 1945.


The TIME Vault: 1955

Battle of the Bulge | LIFE at the Battle of the Bulge: Photos From Hitler’s Last…

Soldiers of the 28th Infantry Division, U.S. Army, march down a street in Bastogne, Belgium, 20 December 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge. These men have been regrouped into security platoons for defense of the town. The lead soldier is armed with an M3 .45 cal. sub-machine gun and an M1 Carbine over his shoulder.

American soldiers taken prisoner by the Germans in the town of Stoumont, Belgium on December 19, 1944 - the so called ''Battle of the bulge''. By January 1945 all allied losses had been made good