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Firestorm: Bombing of Dresden

La Morte (3)1945: GERMANY. Britain and the United States commit one of the most gruesome war crimes of the Second World War when they firebomb the German city of Dresden, crammed with hundreds of thousands of refugees. The few legitimate military targets in or near Dresden, including a vital railway bridge, are not targeted. The bombing creates a firestorm, literally a holocaust, which destroys thirteen square miles of the historical core of the city.

The Chernobyl disaster was a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine (Ukrainian SSR), which was under the jurisdiction of Moscow. An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere, which spread over Western USSR and Europe. It is considered the worst nuclear power accident in history, and is one of only two classified as a level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale.

This mass grave of murdered Jews was the handiwork of an Einsatzgruppen der Sicherheitspolizei, a group of SS whose sole purpose was the extermination of Jews and other "undesirables". Overseen by Reinhardt Heydrich, the four Einsatzgruppen were comprised of units of Einsatzkommandos which traveled with the Wermacht in order to "purify" newly conquered territories. Each group contained 500 to 800 men. It is estimated that they were responsible for over one million deaths.

The Johnstown Flood was one of the worst disasters in US history. On May 31, 1889, a dam collapse allowed 20 million tons of water to flood the area killing over 2200 people, then the mountains of debris caught fire. 1700 houses were lost and entire trains and factories disappeared, including a barbed wire plant whose product trapped many people in the wire and drowned. The dam failure was the result of inept dam management by industrial millionaire owners who never contributed to the…