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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: WHAT KIND OF TWISTS ARE THESE: Marley twist. WHAT TYPE OF HAIR DID I USE? I used 1 1/2 packs of Bobby Boss Jamaica braid hair in color 1b (I used one strand of hair per twist because I didn't want them thick.) The hair was 5.49 a pack. WHAT IS THE LENGTH OF THE HAIR? The hair itself doesn't come this length. The hair is about 20 inches out of the package. I cut each strand in half so they're about 10inches. HOW DID I PREP MY HAIR? My hair was freshly washed with…

I worked somewhere where they used this quote to help you give better customer service, totally ruined it for me! But I still like it.

There's a difference between having a real relationship and just being together because that's all you're used to. There's a difference between meaning your "I love yous" and just saying them every night because "that's what you do." There's a difference between being together and wanting to be together. It's a relationship, not a routine.

{ Shawn Mendes } "Hey. I am Shawn. I am 18 and single. I like to sing and make music. I have been on tour with Taylor Swift. I used to be in Magcon and I make vines and youtube videos as well. I like to be with my family. If you want to say hi come and introduce yourself. I don't bite." I smile

I'm done, so fucking done. You say we will forever be friends ... No sir, no we won't. We will have the necessary contact needed for you to spend time with Harley since you claim you want to be a part of her life forever (at least that's what you say in private, that's not what you say to your so called friends". I would never take her away from you but as for you and I ... We are nothing more than 2 people who used to be in a half faked "relationship".

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all star pics: 18 Creative And Useful Popular DIY Ideas. Heather Miranda look at this bench seat for Aunties kitchen/home renovation project.

Some may not want to admit they used to watch Hee Haw, but back in the 70s and early 80s you watched tv with your parents as a family, because everything was clean and wholesome. I wonder what happened?