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Beer Cap, Wet Bar, Cap Backsplash, Bottle Cap, Back Splash, Basements Bar, Beer Bottle, Bar Area, Man Caves

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I want a Basement bar so bad in my future home. Its such a good social place and I really like mixing drinks and entertaining! This is really great looking - love to have something like this!

bottlecaps. Who remembers popping the cork liner out and putting tin lid on top of your shirt and pressing the cork in from underside to hold in place?

ok, so i haven't decided if I like this, but for someone who drinks I think it just might be kinda spiffy...and something the neighbors wouldn't have! I think I'm not 100% sold on it personally because I don't drink; otherwise I might just like it. :) -db. | Bottlecap backsplash tile. Basement bar?

Decoración con chapas de botella. ¡Precioso!

Bottlecap backsplash tile. Fun idea for a basement bar.

ACRYLIC WATER: "Next, I used what is called acrylic water to pour over the caps. Now this 2 part epoxy is sold at HL and Michael's, but I found it the cheapest at Walmart, in their Floral Dept. I followed the directions, mixing the compounds and poured it on. It's self-leveling, which is great! The tough part was waiting the 48 hours..."

think I just found the perfect backsplash. I have this exact paneling in my livingroom and it has held up beautifully. Its cheap and easy to take care of. I think this would have looked better w/o the wine bottles too.

This would be so fun to save a few bottle caps from trips write the date on the inside and make a wind chime. Tutorial

Bottle caps bottle caps bottle caps! Would love to do this on a patio!