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I couldn't figure out what drew me to this until I realized she has the Zodiac sign of the Libra on her forehead. That's me! Anita Mejia

Face and hands painted by Jim Berberich . Stained Glass created by Bogenrief Studios

By Stevie Lewis. Love this so much- reminds me of my mom when she was younger ♥

Stained Glass Panel with St. Barbara. Date: 1460. Culture: British. - Collection of the funniest, most awesome, & best entertaining pics on the web!

The amazing colors and transparency of glass! so beautiful....

Stained glass. St Michael. Warmington, Warwickshire

girl glasses party-party guest print by Pretty Little Thieves

Santa Clara family mausoleum art nouveau stained glass by Piemouth on Flickr

I love this vase...I don't plan on putting a lot of pointless decoration in my home but...I love this vase