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Watermelon soaked in tequila and dipped in coarse salt...a margarita you can eat on the beach!

edible margarita

adult treat

food drink

tequila soaked


watermelon margarita

adult beverage

Margarita Soaked Watermelon Slices. Slices of juicy, sweet, cold watermelon infused with fresh lime juice, tequila, cointreau, and sprinkled with a little bit of margarita salt! http://www.ifood.tv/recipe/margarita-soaked-watermelon-slices-addictive

lime juice

cold watermelon

margarita soaked

watermelon margarita

Jazz up your summer drink with ice cubes – made of watermelon! #ingredientmonth

summer food

summer drink

healthy food idea

healthy recipe

food drink

If I were still in college, and didn't have an 8 month old to take care of...I would be making this right now!

fun alcoholic drink

summertime alcoholic drinks

summer party drinks alcohol

8 month old

college party drink

alcoholic party ideas

alcoholic party drinks

Drunken melon balls, great for the beach

pineapple juice

drunken melon

party idea

balls watermelon

There’s everything to love about watermelon. A simple summer treat. A frosty beverage with vodka. And now: the prettiest dessert you’ll see this year. Wish I’d had this in time for our neighborhood Fourth of July party! I love the supreme Gluten-Free nature of this cake, too. Watermelon “Cake” Ingredients: - 1 …

fruit cake

healthy watermelon


food idea

watermelon cake

healthy food

birthday cake

healthy cake

Kahlua Roasted Marshmallow Shots - 50 Campfires #kahula #campcocktails #marshmallows

marshmallow shots

marshmallow kahlua

party idea

food drink

toasted marshmallow

kahlua marshmallow

kahlua shot

adult beverage

Grapes soaked in wine, rolled in sugar and frozen. Definitely making these for the holidays!

girls night

grapes marinated


grapes soaked

wine grapes

wedding shower food


bucket list

taste bitter

blue color

exotic fruit

food drink

switch flavors

Pink Margaritas | Pink Lemonade Margarita...yum yum | Food & Recipes

lemonade margarita

favorite recipe

adult beverage

Cucumber Avocado Rolls. A really easy, pretty, appetizer that is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, gluten free, and healthy eating. These are like little mouth explosions! #itdoesnttastelikechicken

vegan recipe

cucumber recipe

avocado recipe

gluten free appetizer

Soak Strawberries in Chocolate Flavored Vodka for 24 hours, then dip in melted chocolate. Let cool and serve.

soaked strawberries

soak strawberries

strawberry vodka drink

chocolate strawberry

adult drinks

chocolate flavored

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots emilyr_ko

strawberry shot

margarita shot

may 5

party idea


adult beverage

frozen peach margaritas

happy hour

fresh peach

yummy drinks

peach margaritas

lime juice

frozen peach

peaches peeled

frozen fresh

fresh lime

Watermelon Sangria

summer drink

watermelon sangria

white wine

sangria recipe

sangria refreshing

adult beverage

Tip: How to cut a watermelon....the easy way

kitchen tips

cut a watermelon

food ideas

yummy food

cut watermelon

watermelon cubes

cooking tips

cutting a watermelon

food tips

Watermelon Frosty

smoothie recipe

23 smoothie

frozen watermelon

maple syrup

watermelon smoothies

watermelon frosty

watermelon margarita

food drinks

chicken salad made by mixing avocado, cilantro, salt, and lime juice with the chicken. No mayo.

avocado salad

yummy food

avocado chicken salad

salad recipe

avocado recipe

food drink

food salad

recipes salad

Can I get that salt all around that rim rim rim rim



In a pitcher, combine equal parts (use the limeade can to measure): Frozen limeade concentrate, water, Sprite, and tequila. Add one Corona. Stir, serve, and be careful, ’cause these guys go down waaaay too easy! Enjoy!!!!!! :)

corona rita

summer drink

adult drink

may 5

favorite recipe