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Im in love

LOVE purple cars trucks and jeeps almost makes me second guess my choice on a pink jeep for purple.

Rednecks dream truck.

Camo on Camo. Future truck with baby pink rims and Browning Loggo all over!

Couldn't have said it better myself

Nothing like a strong muscled country boy, wearing a baseball cap and driving a jacked up truck or classic hotrod car!

She's got her daddy's tongue & temper,sometimes her mouth needs a filter,god shook his head the day he built her oh,but i bet he smiled (:

She said "Hey boy, do mind takin me home tonight? Cuz I ain't never seen a country boy with tires on his truck this high! I love big trucks!

Image result for lifted ford raptor vs Lifted chevy silverado

The red Cummins is so beautiful! Why would you ever make them mad? If I knew someone with a Dodge Cummins with duel stacks, lifted that high with big mud tires. umm, we'd be friends for life.

Truck talk

we all hate Nissan at the end of the day. I feel as if it should be more accurately, Honda though with their little ugly 'truck' thing. what even is that thing?