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Top 40 Funny Grumpy cat Pictures #Funnies

Olivia Kendall Parody

Nasty ass bitch



Oh my goodness...YES!!!!!! Haha!

I've decided to add "extensive experience in dealing with stupid people" to my resume. That has got to be a marketable skill !

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This is so true!


Automatic Sperm Extractor... Chinese invention......for days when I'm feeling lazy and don't wanna do it for him haha

Hahahaa.. Our dog would do the same thing! Because this is not my dog nor my phone, it is soooooo funny!!!!

Lol dying right now!!!


True story....

If only it were this easy haha

haha true


I am sooooooooooo doing this!

Lmao! Omg how do these things make it into production?? I think the toy companies should keep a staff of checkers that have dirty minds & twisted humor to see these things before they make it out to the world!

If There Isn’t A Chinese Millionaire That’s Changed Their Name To Cha Ching…

first thing