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  • Marrisa Siemon

    Make an exact replica of your body for sewing projects. DIY dress form. Smart Cheap.

  • Pin Roof

    Custom dress form tutorial from Etsy

  • Amber Rogers-Terhune

    WOW! Duct tape. Dress Form Tutorial: Want to make an exact replica of your body for custom work?

  • Sara Edmundson

    Make an exact replica of your body for sewing projects. Duct tape dress form.

  • Maria McCallum

    Body form. Make an exact replica of your body for sewing projects. DIY. Smart & Cheap.

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I want to do one of my dress forms with old book pages.

Use expanding foam from the hardware store to stuff the dress-form.That stuff hardens well enough you will never have to re-stuff it, but still ok with pins, etc. To lessen volume, first stuff with packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper. Be careful to keep the body doubles' shape the same while the foam expands. Working with small sections at a time should help.

How to make a dress form out of Duct Tape | Offbeat Bride This is one of the most detailed tutorials I've seen, and it has great pics.

I like that this pattern goes flat against the chest between the breasts, I've seen a lot of uni-boob dress forms and this tutorial is great!

not correct scale or shape for barbie, but great accent for a dollhouse

homemade personal dress form--this is too cool. I've wanted to have a dress form for myself for pattern fitting but figured I could never afford one. I gotta do this!

a homemade dress form tutorial. THIS is a great idea for all us ladies with untypical body shapes!

Make a dress form that is the exact replica of your body... with duct tape! Mad in Crafts..........This is the best one of all the tutorials out there about making a dress form from duct tape. The other ones that I have seen involved way too much mess and danger to your physical being. This is genius ...wear an extra long teeshirt tape it up then take it off.

DRESS FORMS - I would love to have one of these for my sewing room :-)

Wanting to make a Dressform so just getting idea's so I can come up with a design using wire and paper mache... or other mediums.