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"The decision stems from an appeal of a Douglas County decision in a post-divorce order that granted a change of custody of a child from the mother to the father......Powers began working with the two parents in the Douglas County case for four years in 2007 after a mediation did not work."

"The number of guardianship cases in Queens jumped 75 percent last year compared with the year before. Insiders say the cases add costs and stress to a court that is already understaffed and overburdened; the cases require interpreters, court-appointed lawyers for the young men and home visits by child welfare . “I would imagine that the federal government has better investigative tools than a humble family court judge sitting in a courtroom without any,” said Hunt. The Department of…

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Rape allegations and child custody

"...New York family court...Wherefore, based upon the foregoing, this Court finds that given the factors enumerated above, the child’s best interests warrant that sole legal and physical custody of the subject child, C.J., be granted to [Father], P.P., with parenting time granted to [Mother], C.G., in accordance to this Court’s Final Order of Custody and Visitation that follows."

"CONNECTICUT, December 26, 2013 — Colleen Kerwick, Hector Morera, and Dan Lynch say they are fit Connecticut parents with open family court cases...... This year, dozens of CT parents like Kerwick and Morera complained to the legislature that the court has misused the court appointment process to force parents into business relationships with unvetted and inappropriate court affiliated vendors who are bankrupting them through questionable billing practices."

"In 2006 I gave up: My daughter was 12 at the time and I decided to stop fighting the “due process-less” NJ family court and just wait until my daughter reached 18. I was defeated. Well she’s 20 now and doesn’t see or talk to me – years of scorned motherly influence. These family court judges claimed my “due process” denials were in the “best interests of my child,” supposedly to benefit my child...."


Are divorced dads really treated fairly by the family courts?

"The University of Warwick has spent £100,000 researching the family courts in England and Wales and concluded they don’t discriminate against fathers. As someone who has been helping dads navigate the complexities of the family courts for over a decade, I was both shocked and unsurprised at the findings. I was shocked, because when you repeatedly see discrimination against dads with your own eyes, it can be baffling when professionals claim it doesn’t exist. And then I’m not surprised…

".(T)he best interest of the child should always be the highest priority in child custody cases," Panetta said."

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A quarter of D.C. students ‘on track’ for college, PARCC test results show

A quarter of D.C. students ‘on track’ for college, PARCC test results show - The Washington Post