A natural swimming pool in downtown Austin - Barton Springs Pool. They have Full Moon swims every month!

The cool water of Barton Springs pool invites people of all ages to swim and relax in Austin’s summer sun, and it's 68 degrees year around!

5 Things You Must Do In Austin, Texas

35 Things Everyone Should do in Austin before they die...I'm shocked at how many of these I never even heard of after all my travels there. Time to get busy!

I would like to do this before i die.

Krause Springs has been called the most beautiful swimming hole in Texas. Approximately 30 miles west of Austin and camping is only $12 for adults, $6 for kids. The property has 32 springs and a spring-fed, man-made pool and has been privately owned by the Krause family for over 50 years.

White Cliffs, Dover, England

The Driskill ~ Austin, Texas...

Every year for a few days in the month of February, the sun’s angle is such, that it lights up Horsetail Falls in Yosemite, as if it were on fire.

Interlaken, Switzerland.

Fairy Pools in the Cuilins, Scotland

awesome swimming holes.....one about 20 minutes down the street from my place in Austin!


Balcony swimming pools.

The Oasis, Austin