Chip Wrapper Purse

68 Creative Recycling Projects to Combat Global Warming (CLUSTER)

more paper flowers! #crafts #paper #flowers

How to Make a Bag of wrapper

Chip Bag Shrinky Dinks. Recycle unit?

How to Make Recycled Soda Pop Can Bracelets & Jewelry

Candy wrappers are folded and woven together to create this purse.

Oh my gosh... I had a 20 foot chain made from of Doublemint Gum wrappers when I was in 7th grade - haven't thought of these for years...

Not paper flowers, leaf flowers. Pretty cool!

Color, Bags Meksikansk, Candy Wrappers, Wrapper Handbag

This is a DIY...I love it.

Tons of ways to use paper rolls, great project tutorials!

Fun website with printables and more!

Amazing Site with instructions!!!! Recycled Candy Wrapper Purses!!

Paper bag with tutorial (in italian)

DIY birkin bag, completely upcycled!

Candy or Gum Wrapper Bracelet Tutorial

T-shirt shag rug


Gum Wrapper Bracelets (Directions On How To Make Them)