Bird of Paradise

Lesser Bird of Paradise, via Last Flight Out Photography - I love love love birds of paradise!

Bird of Paradise.  So much more beautiful than the shrub.

bird bird Birds of Paradise Bird of Paradise. So much more beautiful than the shrub.

Asian Paradise Flycatcher ~ Terpsiphone paradisi  (Linnaeus, 1758) -- "Young males look very much like females but have a black throat and blue-ringed eyes." #birds #blueringedeyes #greenness

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Birds of Paradise - Birds-of-paradise - birds Blue Bird-of-Paradise (Paradisaea rudolphi)

The Blue Bird-of-paradise, (Paradisaea rudolphi), is a medium-sized RARE bird-of-paradise. The male is polygamous and performs a breathtaking courtship display only with the attending female nearby: he hangs from a branch upside down. The black oval with red margin at the center of his chest is rhythmically enlarged and contracted. His violet blue plumes spread out in a fan, swaying its body back and forth while the central tail feathers form two impressive arches down to either side.

Blue bird-of-paradise performing practice courtship. Regarded by some ornithologists as the loveliest of all birds, the blue bird-of-paradise was discovered by Carl Hunstein in The scientific name commemorates the ill-fated Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria.

Goldie’s Bird-of-Paradise

Videos: Rare Glimpses of Amazing Birds-of-Paradise Courtship Rituals

lesser bird of paradise  (photo by sijanto nature)

rshollis: fairy-wren: lesser bird of paradise (photo by sijanto nature) I think bird of paradise are on everyone’s list of birds to see

Lesser bird of paradise (Paradisaea minor)

Beautiful Bird of Paradise Cendrawasih Perched On a Tree Branch Photo Outdoor Picture HD Wallpapers