HEM CLIPS. Measure and hold hemming projects without pins! Smooth, stainless steel clips slide onto fabric and hold hem in place while you sew or baste. Built-in measure assures straight, accurate hemlines every time, without tedious pinning (or pricked fingers!). Ideal for skirts, dresses, drapes.

Hem Clips in Inches, not Cm

Making a buttonhole with stretch fabric

Try this foolproof trick for making crisp, even hems.

Mark even hems with string - Threads

sewing tip: bendy hair clips instead of pins

step by step how to crochet - I know all this, but she breaks it down so well I thought I'd pin for when I try to teach people!.

Steel Wool Stuffed Pincushion - Always have sharp pins!

A beautiful use for all those scraps.

Vicki's Fabric Creations: Folded Fabric Scissor Holder-Rounded Top Version

Simple way to install zipper. Genius!

Wonder Clips

Good tip--using a safety pin to hold the end of the elastic that is being stretched and sewn down

How to thread and use a double or twin needle. Shows how to hem knit fabrics and even how to use it for decorative stitching.

What you need to know before you learn to sew

how to sew a perfect teeny narrow hem- Wish I had known this secret ages ago!!

Beach Towel Dress Tutorial

A long pincushion attached to a quilted mat that goes under the sewing machine. Quiets the noise and shaking, and gives you a handy place for pins.

Fabric basket tutorial

print on fabric. GENIUS!