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Maybe someday I should order a cute Modcloth dress and pair it with jeans to see how it would look.

Hems- Thorough instructions and recommendations for different styles of hems and the fabrics they are best used upon.

Such a clever idea! Some cute fabric and a double-poled curtain rod.

Make Crisp, Even Hems: For a 1-inch hem, draw a line on card stock, 1 inch in from an edge. Place the card stock on fabric, with line parallel to fabric edge and fold fabric over card stock. Aligning fabric edge with line; press with a hot iron. Repeat, folding and pressing again to encase the raw edge. Stitch hem to secure.

A fix for those jeans with the pesky zipper that won't stay up. Also would work for early prego jean wearing when you aren't ready for maternity but you can't button your jeans. I used the rubber and trick but the zipper would eventually slide down. No more!!

for when jeans start to unravel at the bottom

DIY Cut-Off Jeans...with Fabric Hem and Side Knot | via Make It and Love It

Scalloped Hem - How to measure, cut and sew! Challenge Accepted!

I am the Queen of my kitchen and I demand pretty, bright, and beautiful things. <- from my new favorite etsy shop NanaCompany