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  • Elizabeth Sikes Jackson

    Word Tower -sight word game using Jenga blocks

  • Jessica Thompson

    *used to do this at svfc...could adapt for older students?* Original concept was for a literacy center. Adapt to therapy by writing feeling words on Jenga blocks. To play turn the blocks word side down. The child chooses a block and identifies the feeling. Then the child puts the block on the tower.

  • Meghan Baisley

    Center Ideas: Jenga sight words. First build the tower by reading the word on the block. Then play Jenga once the tower is built.

  • Stephanie Martinez

    Word Tower - For this center I wrote my high frequency words on Jenga blocks. I had 2 sets because I have 6 kids at a center so I have 3 kids using each set. To play the kids turn the blocks word side down. The first child chooses a block and has to read it to his/her friends. Then he/she writes the word on the recording sheet. Then the child puts the block in the tower. The kids have to build a 3 X 3 block tower. Once they place the block, they can't readjust it. They all take turns turns until

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