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  • Katelyn Mack

    AWESOME proposal idea!!!!! :D omg!

  • Leslee Patino-Placente

    How awesome is this guy??? "lindsay is in fact the girl in the front and she did say yes, i would know because i was holding up one of the signs! the guy right behind her is her fiance, chris. i carried a backpack around all day with the signs folded up in the laptop sleeve along with snacks and jackets so she wouldnt suspect anything. the 5 of us behind her practiced holding the signs the day before so they wouldnt block each other from view. ~~SO GREAT!!!!!" so cute

  • Hannah Johnson

    AWESOME!!!!!! What a way to propose! Can you imagine coming down Splash Mountain only to have this waiting for you when you get to see the photo! <3

  • Meghan Valdez

    roller coaster awesome

  • Kimberly Breaux

    This is awesome! I want my future husband to do something awesome like this!!!!!

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A disney land proposal!? Please show this to the man I'm goin to marry!! Please!?

Kaitlyn Marie Marie Fisher can you wear this at your bachelorette party and I'll have one with a girl in a normal dress, with a hand up saying "I'll pass!" hahahah.

Mr and Mrs Wedding Champagne Flutes Painted Glasses by ArtsyAsh101, $25.00

Holli powder is expensive so I tried to color flour with food coloring - didn't the end I could not figure out how to make colored powder, but I came up with lots of other fun ideas - thanks to this picture ;) It was the best bday party ever!

Best wedding proposal ever. Branden's Proposal.

“Extraordinary ways to surprise the one you love”. Book with 100′s of ideas how to say “I love you” in a creative way. :)

This is why somedays I just want to punch a dude just because he might be like this and probably is. Every girl needs to see this and remember how smooth talking works

This is the perfect proposal for me: a ring in a red velvet cupcake. Simple, but adorable.

Dear future husband, Please hire a photographer to secretly shoot our engagement.

Absolutely gorgeous! She rocks this! I would pull it up on the cleavage (just my personal preference) but other than that, totally modest and gorgeous and perfect dress!

I'm sorry, but if this isn't my future husband's reaction when he lays eyes on me for the first time on our wedding day, I'm going to be a "runaway-bride". Just throwing that out there.