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    • Gabrielle Brazzale

      true! :) don't stick your let off the bed!!! Monsters and demons will eat it! Ahhhh!!!! Never to old for this to be a fear... Hahahahah lolol joke quote funny

    • Sophie Gray

      This is so true! I can't stand the thought of being legless because it got eaten off by the monster under my bed!

    • Shawn Sanders

      Thought of you and monsters under your bed. I guess that's why if I sneek over over to your house, you told me I would have to sit on the floor beside you. It just dawned on me that was all a trick! The monster under the bed would eat me, and then you'd just go back to sleep :( It's late and I'm laughing!

    • El Rivera

      "I never stick my leg off the edge of the bed, no matter how hot it is because it would get eaten off." So true... I still step off REALLY far from my bed so the monsters don't grab my foot...

    • Hannah Berscheid

      Hahaha, yep thought of that ever since I was little, I know that monsters still hide under my bed waiting to devour my flesh lol:p

    • Linda Blankenbaker

      This is true, anything you let over the side of the bed is fair game for night monsters. (I also thought I needed to sleep very close to the wall so the monsters that came thru the wall would step over me!!!!)

    • Liz Delaney

      true story the boogie monster lives under the bed!!

    • Jessica Sullivan

      Truth. Monster under the bed fo sho.

    • Lauren Ashlock

      funny stuff!

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