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  • Mer Ber

    This isn't really funny, just mind blowing

  • Ashley Murray

    Worth the read! Mind blowing if a true story!

  • Lisa

    Not so much humerous, but this sounds like a law school exam hypo.

  • Natalie Jensen

    I pinned this under "funny stuff' however its not funny just crazy o_0

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mind blown - Imgur I must go to sleep now because this made me laughed incredibly too hard

You have more than 6 to work with... I know for a fact that some of these are true. Others I don't know enough about. Judge for yourself.

Totally got me…totally amazing how we see what we are told to see and ty to @Julie H for sharing

Now that I think about it...I probably wouldn't recognize my clone either... Very interesting!

Nothing will blow your mind quite like this case…

HOLY CRAP! I suck at math so I added the 40,30,20,&10 first and came up with the right #...For once I go the math problem right LMAO!

I see what you're saying, and I'm perfectly okay with it.

Good lord, people. Don't have a history teacher explain it, have a critical thinker with internet access explain it. I smelled a rat when my grandfather told me this in 1977 - when I was 7 - and looked it up then. I can't believe this is still passed around as truth! Lincoln/Kennedy coincidences.

Not ENTIRELY accurate but for the most part.... Lincoln was shot in Ford Theatre. No record of Lincoln's secretary's name being Kennedy. Booth was born in 1938, not 1939. And Marilyn Monroe died a year before Kennedy's assassination.

THIS is why I want to work in a historical field. This information is wildly untrue. Lincoln was shot in Ford's Theater, Marilyn Monroe died almost a year before Kennedy, there is no record of Lincoln having a secretary named Kennedy, and John Wilkes Booth was born in 1838.