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this is me almost every night. LOL

Teenager post You have done well. :D

You can do it gray line xD!!!! I am cracking up right now lol so true

Teenager Post-School and Holidays.

oh, my gosh YES!!!! I have a hard enough time asking for another napkin or straw at Starbucks. *face palm*

This is all of our life stories.

Yep- when my husband isn't at home, that's so me!

What if Spider-Man's super power was shooting spiders out of his hands. No one would ever commit crimes.

This guy gets me. There's a a point in time when you reach a certain age when you just feel like not having plans sounds 100 times better than going out. For me this feeling hit at age 18. And I have no shame in it.

I wish a company would be like "Hey Asia we'll pay you to pin for us" that would make my life right now. Somebody have pity on a college student who is tired of relying on her parents

I often walk a fine line between "super fun" mom and "kinda psychotic, maybe we should call the authorities" mom.