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Mechanical Jewel Beetle

love everything about it, from its shape to its colours and subtle patterns.

bug of the day by urtica, via Flickr

Not quite flying around, but pretty darn close. Pupa of the chain-spotted geometer moth, a state-listed rare species in Massachusetts.

Stephanitis Pyrioides

Sofía M. Villalpando Azalea lace bug, belongs to a group of insects in the family Tingidae.

.inseto folha

Leaf Mimicking Katydid - Belize, this is why I don't like nature! there are just too many creepy creatures out there!

Tessaratomid Giant Shield Bug

sinobug: “ TESSARATOMID Tuesday Giant Shield Bugs and Nymphs (Tessaratomidae) (see captions for identifications) Tessaratomidae is a family of true bugs, similar in appearance to the more common.


The spiny Flower Mantis, or Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii, is a beautiful and colorful flower mantis. They are white with orange and green stripes, and as adults they have a beautiful patch of color on their wings that looks like an eye.