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Dreamer #tattoo #idea #dreamcatcher hello xo

"The shadow proves the sunshine" shoulder tattoo | quote tattoo | inspirational tattoo | black and white tattoo | girl tattoos

Shoulder flower tattoos for women: Rose tattoo

Feminine Tattoos | Tattoo Designs For Girls and Women

pretty rose ink tattoo

country+infinity+tattoos | Browning on foot

RIP Tattoo

This is perfect..soo perfect!

"we live with the scars we choose" this quote...very good reminder....

mockingjay tattoo - Google Search

~ matching Johnny Cash (lyric) tattoos ~ Love them!

Except I want Hebrews 6:12 around it

I've been looking for an idea for a dad memorial tattoo, and I really like this. EDIT: This is by far my most popular pin. I have had it pinned for months and just today actually looked at the dates. My mother passed on 1/25/01 and my dad was born on 5/23/1935. If that's not a sign for me to get this I don't know what is.

pet memorial tattoo ~ might have to brave one of these when the day comes that I lose my baby girl...

Memorial tattoo

memorial tattoo: heart with wings and quote

Memorial tattoo

Imperfection is beauty...

He came. He died. He rose. He ascended. & He's coming back.

1. meaningful tattoo. love this placement

simple words tattoos on forearm | 35 Inspirational Script Tattoos - SloDive

Edgar Allen Poe quote from the Raven: "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."

inked nation

See the infinity symbol too? A wish for forever.