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Transformed :: Mason Jar Herb Garden

Morning, everyone! Claire here, with a weekend project that's perfect for all of you who are gearing up for lots of holiday cooking. Remember two weeks ago when I asked for your opinion on which ha...
  • Tracy Dabbs

    MASON JAR HERB GARDEN - I want to add this to a kitchen wall or just outside the kitchen on the porch


    Herb garden indoors - what a great idea!

  • Brielle Spencer

    Mason jar herb gardens. would like to grow herbs in the sunroom for cooking

  • Michael Yu

    Need a place to grow your garden? Try this Mason jar herb garden! -- Even if you don't have a backyard or a spacious kitchen, you can have an herb garden using mason jars!

  • Claudia McQueen

    Mason Jar Herb Indoor Herb Garden…what an attractive & clever way to plant fresh herbs

  • Janee' George

    MASON JAR HERB GARDEN - Use for an vertical garden idea

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DIY herb gardens. Cut the soda bottle or any plastic bottle with a cover. Turn upside down; attach to board. I'm thinking of leaving the cover to the bottle on; punch in a few holes to drain excess water, but not have the soil drain out also.

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Mason Jar Herb Garden (hint - put small stones in bottom to allow the dirt to drain and you can monitor how much water is in there.. also for water use either, a long spout watering can, a spritz bottle or just shove a few ice cubes in there, they will water as they melt... no mess) put in a sunny spot so that herbs will thrive!

Super easy hanging herb garden for the kitchen or the patio.

Indoor Herb Garden - no instructions on the website, but it's pretty self explanatory. I am thinking it could be simplified by using a over-the-door shelving unit on a kitchen pantry door.

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