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Peruvian 3rd-7th century necklace Moche culture. The Metropolitan Museum of Art~

Jesuit Church, 17th-Century, Arequipa, Peru; photograph by Ricardo Bevilaqua.

PeruPeru. ~ I have to wonder IF this is a COMMON scene, in Peru!?! Poor li'l owl(?)... I mean yes, it's -OBVIOUSLY an OWL, but TO ME it IS the ROUGHEST looking OWL that I have EVER seen! Seems TO ME that, IF given a chance, it'd RATHER be SOMEWHERE—maybe ANYWHERE(?), BUT THERE. JUST MY OPINION! Now, I'M kinda torn over the–ummm... little llama-looking (can't remember what they're called?) baby's, OUTFIT/PANTS(?)—whatever they are, THEIR ADORABLE! Of course I wonder, IF IT'S AS HAPPY AS IT IS CUTE, IN THEM(ESPECIALLY WHEN FUR+HIGH TEMPS, are ADDED TO the EQUATION...)? So, 1 last note: the little last is pretty darn adorable herself, & I LOVE her COLORFUL PRINTS(oh, & SOLIDS TOO❗❗❗ I guess I'll JUST imagine that, it's LATE FALL & that, the OWL was RESCUED; & WITHOUT the WOMAN, it WOULD most CERTAINLY have DIED!

Machu Picchu, Peru.I want to go see this place one day.Please check out my website thanks.

Cuzco sunset - Make sure to climb the west mountain of Cuzco just before sunset to get an amazing view of and over Cuzco, Peru.

Love. Babywearing is so natural... and beautiful :)

Ceremonial Knife (tumi) [Peru, Sicán (Lambayeque)] (1974.271.60) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Salt beds in Maras, Peru// Amazing sight, amazing gentle colours. Pink and green in particular, with a little pale blue.

In Peru, two Inca women with their llama. Repinned by Elizabeth VanBuskirk, author of "Beyond the Stones of Machu Picchu: Folk Tales and Stories of Inca Life." (Thrums Books. See the story "The Old Man, the Llamas, and Machu Picchu." Also see

Bellísima toma de la vía lactea sobre el Lago Titicaca bye Milky Way over Lake Titicaca, Peru

Head from the figure of a woman, ca. 2700–2500 b.c.; Early Cycladic I–II. Cycladic; Keros-Syros culture. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Christos G. Bastis, 1964 (64.246) #noses #Connections

{take me away № 42 :  the most beautiful countryside retreats in peru}