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Who's this Jamie Fraser guy?! Geez - from the way the women carry on, you'd think he wore a kilt and spoke with a Scottish accent!! (Och, aye. If you enjoy my favourite author, Dianna Gabaldon, you'll know EXACTLY who this Jamie Fraser guy is!)

Outlander Ecards, Free Outlander Cards, Funny Outlander Greeting Cards at ゴメン笑てしもたw あまりJacobite eraで作られた作品って無かったので, 資料的に有難いとは思てますが, こんなに女が喰い付くとは思わなんだwww(でもちょっとウザイ) 従軍看護婦さん最強!

Outlander! Oh, how true! I wish all my friends would read this series (I bought a copy of Outlander specifically to lend out to people if you want it... hint hint!)

Relax, honey. I'm not leaving you for Jamie Fraser. He's a fictional character from a book. Believe me, if he were real, I'd be long gone by now.