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Michael Buble was stopped during a concert by the mom of a 15 year old boy, who wants him to know that her son wants to be a singer. Michael, being the gracious person he is, invites the boy onstage to sing with him - the expression on Michael's face as the first few notes escape the boys mouth are absolutely priceless

Sophia Grace And Rosie Tea Time With Taylor Swift. While Sophia Grace and Rosie were on the Ellen Show they asked Ellen’s guests to sit down for a cup of tea. Last week the girls sat down with Taylor Swift and talked about the Grammy’s, food, boys and cracked a few jokes.

JANICE! STOP IT! JANICE! I HAVE FALLEN! ... I am not really sure if this is funny or just downright frightening?

'Gangnam Style' Mom and Son! on the Ellen show Hahahahahahahahahahaha have to watch!!!! This is fantastic!!!