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  • Shelli Miller

    Duct tape designed boxes!! Another great idea from pinterest/ ( Made by me!

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I like this photo because: Awesome parasol Pretty dress Love her hair DUCK TAPE FLOWERS!

Magic Duct Tape Wallet - no sewing involved!): It's a magic wallet, made out of duct tape. The magic wallet has been done before, but I decided to make one, dirt cheap. This should last a while, and if it gets destroyed, just take another fifteen minutes and make another one.

Duct tape...I have to find the Hello Kitty duct tape and make me this purse...I LUV IT

I just made this tonight for my Nook....SUPER easy and inexpensive!!!! I wanted a neutral color, so I used tan duck tape, and added a button accent on the front for a pop of color. HINT: Velcro the button instead of gluing it....this way, you can change the accent if you want to!

These flowers are made out of DUCT TAPE! Are you serious?!

Micah LOVES duct tape!! Maybe she can make something for party favors for the babies??