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A pin from my "college years self" because pinterest wasn't around back then. Ha.

royals acting american. so wrong it's right.

Another poor cowboy who has lost his horse...let me help you find something else to ride - ME x

well hello cowboys! idk if all cowboys look like this but god bless their parents :)

cant say no to this. wouldn't wanna let a cowboy like this go to waste ;)

Now that's one hot cowboy - someone get me a cool flannel - this guy needs a little help here - he's hot :) xxx

Paul Newman,one of the sexiest men ever. :). When i was a little girl i fell in love with his beautiful eyes.

Gotta love them country boys... I would get dirty with you any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello cowboy... i would go live on a farm in the middle of nowhere if i could cuddle with this every night..