How to fix frizzy barbie hair. Someday I will be glad I pinned this.

Seriously?! Where was this when I was little!! How To Fix Frizzy Doll Hair - Perfect for Ponies!

One never knows when one might have to untangle matted Barbie hair...

How to fix Barbie hair...wish I would have known this a long time ago.

Sink extender for kids - My favorite pin ever!

Fun fact...pinning under kids since that'll be the reason I may ever need this.

I Will Never Buy Detangler Spray Again.....The BEST Homemade Hair Detangler Spray

Someday I will be such an awesome mom for pinning this... :)

A small spray bottle with 2 tablespoons of fabric softener and water = "Doll Hairspray." | 33 Genius Hacks Guaranteed To Make A Parent's Job Easier

Barbie Chanel Handbag

How to Escape from Zip Ties. Seriously good to know, and probably a good thing to teach your kids as well. Just in case....

NEWSFLASH: you are definitely wearing the wrong size bra. This guide to bra fit will change your life. Every word truth!! I have the right fix but I still have problems with them no matter what. :(

How to Make a Leak Proof Water Blob (without tape!) - Homemade Toast... we will be doing this this summer! AGE

How to wash and whiten yellowed pillows. #goodtoknow

Dress Barbie - use old socks * Just cut the toe off at the length you want , cut slits on top sides for arms *Pull on , make long gowns or short dresses *No Sew *

wish I knew this years ago- Right after using the grill, unplug it and place a wet double-sheet of paper towel between the lid and the surface. The leftover heat causes the towel to steam and clean the grill. Wiping it dry with another paper towel is all thats needed. I'm going to try with waffle iron.

35 awesome service projects for kids- local & global.

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Detangling doll hair!