Exactly the same. The sad part is that most conservatives actually have no problem with the bottom photo anyway.

Some people are so mean

Now this is your typical republican, and taebagger member. Supporting the G-O-P is supporting hate and fear in America. Obama/Biden 2012


Should #LGBT Rights Be Accepted Globally? Find in-depth review with supportive infographic, video and discussion. Learn more about LGBT community in the US, History of #gay rights, Religion and LGBT rights, LGBT movements and organizations, Top 10 destinations LGBT travelers should avoid, Should LGBT rights be recognized worldwide? Let us know what you think - Vote & Comment.

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Successful vs Unsuccessful Which category do you fall in?

Stop the hate!

This weekend, activists in Uganda - a country where homosexuality is punishable by death - held their first Pride.  This is the epitome of courage. I have no other words.

how you make others feel about themselves

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The best signs supporting gay marriage this is so I awesome I can't even


Military gay love. Damn straight I support it!!! :D <3

I’m sick of how bisexuality is erased in LGBT spaces. I get really nervous before any LGBT event, especially Pride. I feel incredibly sad and hopeless when gay and lesbian people call me insulting names. If gay and lesbian people don’t understand me – having been on the receiving end of hate themselves – then how will anyone else understand?

I want to be around people who dream, and support and do things <3 #AmyPoehler

There's a difference

Support gay rights.