Everyone should learn from these Amazon understanding kids !

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Love Obama. First ever President in office stating he believes in equality and rights for all LGBT people. That's a big deal.

YES. This is why I won't stop talking about and supporting gay pride.

Equality. my friends, that's all we ask for.

Some people are so mean

We deserve the same rights that everyone else has. #LGBT #pansexual

Exactly the same. The sad part is that most conservatives actually have no problem with the bottom photo anyway.

Cruelty & Control only perpetuate discord. Our lives know joy... And it is shared freely.

Stop the hate!

Interesting #election2016 #infographic

P!nk supports gay rights.

These are some (extreme) examples of stereotypes of british people, women, muslims and gay people. They may look extreme for a bit people but there are still people who (partly) think this way. As the picture says; 'Stereotypes are the views of the small-minded'.

Just because someone supports gay marriage doesn't mean they are gay, I support animal rights, do I look like an alpaca to you???

One Love

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Military gay love. Damn straight I support it!!! :D <3

When we have open, loving hearts and compassionate sight we cannot help but defend equality and work towards the day when there will be equality for ALL...not just some select few...globally speaking.

Magneto and Gandalf support gay rights! :)