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omg omg omg! here to find out more

8. My likes would be saving animals and just animals in general I can honestly say I don't just like animals I love them I love everything about them I learned that even a fish can bring more happiness to your life. My dislikes would be animals not being equal as humans and not enough people caring in the world to make a change.

I adore lil piggys and have been begging mike for a pet pig. Rachel Meredith when I saw this I thought of you!

Oh dear lord its a pig in pajamas. I don't even know what to do with myself.

So sweet! Even my husband thinks this is cute. I sure hope he doesn't end up as a piece of bacon someday

The cutest pic i think ive ever seen! who doesn't love piggies? OMG cute!

This Little Piggie.... #hand. @shaunaleelange we're just fabulous visual curators.

piggies: Reminds me of my friends pet pig from high school, but lawrd she got much much fatter!!!!!

Pigs are sensitive inquisitive creatures, and have been proven to be more intelligent than most dogs and 3 year old children!♥

This Little smarter than your dog. WHY YOU EAT HIM SICKO?!