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    Triple Forward Helix, Double Helix, Double Lobe

    J Colby Smith piercing and jewelry design in NYC

    Double helix piercing

    triple forward helix piercing - I think this looks so cute but I was a wuss about my first piercing!

    Learn the 8 unforgivable sins you must absolutely avoid if you ever plan to get forward helix piercings.


    Ear piercings.

    triple forward helix

    ear piercings

    16 Gauge Purple Opal Daith Hoop Ring Daith Clicker Septum Hoop

    forward helix piercings

    Tragus piercing :)

    Cleavage microdermal piercing, i actually really like this..

    Tragus + Rook Piercing- I'm not sure how I feel about the Massive stud for a tragus though

    Triple helix.

    I think my tragus piercing with look so good with a forward helix to compliment it!

    ear piercings


    snug piercing

    16 Gauge Gold CBR Hoop with White Opal Cartilage Hoop Tragus Helix Rook

    Stud and hoop helix piercing. on The Fashion Time Missing my cartilage piercing