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Annabelle Official Trailer + Trailer Review 2014 : Beyond The Trailer | Jerry's Hollywoodland Amusement And Trailer Park

Trailer for The Conjuring spin-off horror movie "Annabelle" is expected October The Annabelle doll was seen at the start of The Conjuring-- we have to go see this!

Matt Barnes photography. ...awesome voodoo witch doctor makeup

Baron Samedi is a Loa of the dead and a fun charracter in this book. He sure does like his top hats, cigars, and rum.

Very dark and mysterious mask makeup for a character who might be a sorceror, a druid or a ranger of the night

The claw marks would be cool to incorporate rather than just a plain wolf face. It seems to show a harsh, violent character.


…And if caught in her gaze, when Black Blood runs, the Demons depart to claim all souls. -> As her dark brood lurks…

Wicked #Goth queen / dark Witch

Photographer Unknown - Fashion - Fantasy - Headdress - Regal - Alice In Wonderland - Queen Of Hearts concept ideas


) I walked onto the dance floor, hoping not to pop out too much in all my black and blue splendor. I look and meet his eyes. The eyes of my target. He goes to speak, but I am quicker, "I will gladly take this dance.

Mahafsoun                                                       …

Discussion Of Real Vampirism - Sanguinarian, Psychic Self-Identifying Vampires,Sexual Vampyres,Therian/Otherkin & Interested Parties Admins: Gyhldepti…

Breathtaking. #humanskull #bigeyes #birdskull

Gorgeous Wylona Hayashi gothic with skull millinery head piece showing her sexy eyes

Image result for half zombie half human halloween costume

Check Out 20 Half Face Halloween Makeup Ideas That Look Real. Let’s cast the spell of horror all around this year on Halloween day.