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Bielat Santore & Company shares their expertise on Menu & Pricing in tip #5 of their "Restaurant Tip of the Month" series. Visit the Jersey Beats & Eats blog page for more on this topic

In their 7th tip of the "Restaurant Tip of the Month" video series, Bielat Santore & Company provides professional advice on purchasing, leasing, and maintaining Restaurant Equipment. Interested viewers on this topic would be restaurant industry professionals and those who may like to learn more about the fundamentals of the restaurant business. Visit our Jersey Beats & Eats blog page for more on Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant Tip #3: Financing Your Restaurant For more on "Financing Your Restaurant," visit our Jersey Beats & Eats blog page Check back with us for Tip#4 next month!

Bielat Santore & Company releases the next tip of their Restaurant Tip of the Month series focusing on "Restaurant Design & Layout."

Bielat Santore & Company's Restaurant Tip of the Month: Tip #1 Get steps on finding the right restaurant location from Bielat Santore & Company in their first Restaurant Tip of the Month!

Bielat Santore & Company is offering their professional expertise to restaurateurs and up and coming restaurant owners in the 6th tip of their “Restaurant Tip of the Month” series. The video post explains the essential components and the importance of the composing and utilizing an Employee Manual; a critical step in establishing a successful business. Visit our Jersey Beats & Eats blog page for more!

We are excited to announce the date for Bielat Santore & Company's next webinar presentation to take place on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 10:30 am! Visit our blog for details!

See our first Restaurant Tip on our Jersey Beats & Eats blog, our website, hub page, and Facebook & Twitter pages.

Restaurant Tip #9 - Managing Working Capital Way too many operators impatiently open the doors to start the revenue stream before building enough capital. This double-edged sword finds operators stuck between the need to open and the need to build capital, and too often find the restaurant swimming to stay afloat when unforeseen expenses pop up. Visit our Jersey Beats & Eats blog page to learn more

Restaurant Tip #8: Reviewing and Maintaining Your Business Plan - So how do you maintain your business plan? We have to first establish that without regular review, monthly or at least quarterly review of your planned vs. actual results, with practical analysis of the reasons for variance, planning is likely to be a waste of time. Learn more about reviewing your business plan and how to maintain it on our Jersey Beats & Eats blog page at