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Canine vestibular disease (vertigo) often affects dogs as they age. There are two types of canine vestibular disease - central and peripheral. Peripheral vestibular disease is the most common.

Irish Set

An Irish Setter enjoys being sent airbourne...

Hilarious photographs of dogs bouncing off a mattress

Took up scrapbooking to challenge boredom.

"I was bored so I took up scrapbooking" - this cute puppy dog meme is so stinkin cute! I have a kitty cat and thankfully all he likes to 'craft' with is ribbon and bakers twine!



Funny Pictures Of The Day – 36 Pics

I really like the more depressing confession Because all of your depressing confessions make me feel better about myself Confession Bear

Keep your pets cool this summer. Plus, get a $2 off COUPON for Pro-Sense pet products.

Why are your dog's eyes darting back and forth? What causes nystagmus in dogs along with the scary accompanying symptoms?