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1. Apply foundation all over face and neck with a sponge, foundation brush or fingers. 2. Look in the mirror and suck in your cheeks. This will instantly show you exactly where your cheekbones are. Sweep bronzing powder/cream bronzer with a flat-headed bronzer brush just slightly under cheekbones from the hollows to your ear. 3. Sweep bronzer in circular motions directly on temples. 4. Contour along the hairline. 5. Contour directly underneath your jawline. 6. Blend edges with a sponge.

How to Make Your Own Natural Face Cleanser 2 ingredients. Surprising, but watch how soft your face will be! Nothing harsh means LESS acne for oil prone skin and moisturized. perfect for sensitive skin-dry, normal or oily

DIY skincare is always a great way to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home, have a fun girls' night and to save a few bucks (always a plus!) Face #Masks..... P.s. (the oily and dry skin directions are backwards, mayo is for dry skin)

Skin brightening and for getting even complexion: Mix 1 tsp. of baking Soda with a 1 tbsp. of lemon juice and a few drops of olive oil. Appl...

Since we’re both in our 30s and hoping to start a family in the near future, I’ve started looking for beauty products that are paraben-free. Thankfully, it’s getting easier to spot these products. However, because my skin never got the memo that it’s no longer a 12 year old, I’m still battling acne. So …

Face Mapping Your Acne: What Your Breakouts May Be Telling You

Acne can occur in any place on the body. While many people experience acne on their face, others are clamoring to learn how to get rid of body acne. More specifically, acne often occurs on a person’s back and chest. What can we do to get rid of it? #acne #health #skincare

Zone 1 & 3:Improve your diet and drink more water. Zone 2: Liver Zone 4 & 10: Kidneys Zone 5 & 9: Respiratory system Zone 6 & 8: Kidneys — Dark circles are usually a result of dehydration. Zone 7: Heart Zone 12: Stomach Zone 11 & 13: Hormones Zone 14: Illness — Can be a sign of your body fighting bacteria to avoid illness. Take a breather and drink plenty of fluids.