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Inspiration Pics. Cool Manicure Ideas

Inspiration Pics. Cool Manicure Ideas

Under the Stars Nail Art. Love blue and orange together, these are just colossal!



cobalt blue stiletto nails - absolutely in love with the color and the jewelry! I would never shape my nails like this though!

nail polish dried over night on a ziploc baggie and punched with a craft puncher. place on nails and paint over it with clear and instant decal!

Scrapbook Punch Nail Decals - Nail polish dried over night on a plastic sandwich bag and punched with a craft punch. Place on nails and paint over it with clear polish.

Wearing glitter polish is such a pain when it comes time to take off. Using Elmer's glue as a base coat will let me wear glitter polish without having to spend hours and nearly a whole bottle of remover to take it off!

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I've had hard to remove glitter polish, this may work!-NW Elmer's glue works as a base coat for that hard to remove glitter polish.

How to: (1) Choose nail polishes-high quality nail polish works best; (2) Fill a glass/plastic cup with warm/room temp water; (3) Load brush with polish and let it fall into water. Continue dropping polish, forming concentric circles; (4) *optional* tape around the nail to keep polish off finger. Holding finger horizontally (bent at knuckle and upside down) submerge nail into the polish; (5) With finger still in glass scrape excess polish off of finger; (6) Finish with top coat…

Love this marble nail - directions:Water Marble Tutorial. Supplies: orange stick or toothpick, shot glass or cup (the smaller the circumference, the less polish you end up wasting), room temp.

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