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    Use an app like Noise Down, which will automatically sound an alarm when the decibel level gets too high. | 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

    Teaching and reinforcing theme in literature is easy with this poster set! The set has 2 chevron poster sets: one with a chalkboard frame and the other with a white frame (for less ink usage). Each set has posters for the following themes: Friendship Responsibility Courage Perseverance Kindness Acceptance Cooperation Honesty Easy to print and display!

    How to use Pixar Short Films to quickly master Plot. 10 highly engaging short films to study plot and the story elements. “Burn-E” “Day & Night” “Dug’s Special Mission” “For the Birds” “Geri’s Game” “Knick Knack” “Lifted” “Partly Cloudy” “Presto” “Tin Toy” Enjoy the Pixar Short Films Study! 1,924 Downloads so far...

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    Teaching kids basic science concept can start as early as preschool age: Sid's Science Fair App from PBS Kids does a great job in teaching kids basic science concept while playing fun games.

    Have your students turn their reading of any short story or a novel into a movie! Included in this resource are 8 different assignments that can be used individually, or as a major final project. (Middle / High School)