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    6. Él dirigió las programas de el Unido Servicio de Organización en Guerra Mundial II.

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    Veterans Day event will honor 7 well-known Latinos Television producer,musician and actor Desi Arnaz, shown in this 1955 photo, served in Army during World War II. He directed USO programs at a military hospital.

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Desi and his Drum. You see his greying hair? He had to dye his hair throughout the Lucy show as he was prematurely gray.

The first celeb crush I had as a little girl... I always said I'd want my husband to be just like Lucy's hubby. Ricky Ricardo ♡♥♡♥♡♥ Desi Arnaz c.1940's

Desi Arnaz. Second only to Vincent Price as "Best (Male) Clotheshorse".

If were every to meet Desi Arnaz up in the big cloud in the sky, I would definitely have a major fangirl moment.

Desi Arnaz------"Lucy!!! You've got some 'splainin' to do !!!!"

Happy Birthday Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz in the 1940's by Lucy_Fan, via Flickr

In eighth grade, other girls were in love with boy bands; I was in love with Desi Arnaz.

Desi Arnaz Hispanic Actor Hispanic Musician Film Actor, Television Actor, Musician / 1917 - 1986 Desi Arnaz was a Cuban-born actor and musician who is remembered for his marriage to Lucille Ball and their TV show, I Love Lucy.

DESI ARNAZ BORN: DESIDERIO ALBERTO ARNAZ y de Acha 111 03-02-1917 til 12-02-1986 (69)