Picasso painted this in Le Bateau Lavoir at Monmartre. He had holed up in his studio until he invited his friends, Apparently he called his friends, among them Georges Braque and Gertrude Stein and Andre Derain and Matisse to come to his unveiling of:  Les Demoiselles D’Avignon. Picasso's attempt to break away from traditional ideas of art made everybody mad- Then they all started to try to paint like him. So there ya go.

Pablo Picasso - Les demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907 - oil on canvas, - cm. - New York, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

"Girl on a Pillow", by Pablo Picasso (1936)

Pablo Picasso - Girl on a Pillow, 1936 painters painting painter paintings oil art artist artwork artworks gallery galleries fine arts draw

Picasso's Guernica, a must see if you're in Madrid at the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

Pablo Picasso: Guernica 1937 Oil on canvas 349 cm × 776 cm in × in) in Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain

Friendship, 1908 Pablo Picasso - by style - Analytical Cubism

Friendship, 1908 by Pablo Picasso Spain) I think the artwork is about two people which have a very good friendship with one another.I like the use of the cubism to show that the hand,etc.I like to adopt the use of the cubism to show something.

1932 Pablo Picasso "Woman with Book"

Pablo Picasso「Woman with Book. Teach me more Universe! I am creating a reading corner filled with many books to inspire my creative and spiritual mind.

1937 Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist, 1881–1973) Marie-Therese Walter.

1896 Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist, Portrait of the Artist's Mother. Pablo Picasso, one of the dominant & most influential .

Pablo Picasso

Woman on the street Femme dans la rue Artist: Pablo Picasso Completion Date: 1901 Style: Art Nouveau (Modern) Period: Early Years Genre: genre painting Technique: indian ink, watercolor Material: paper

Dance of the Veils, 1907 ~ Pablo Picasso

La danse au voiles (Dance of the Veils; by Pablo Picasso. Oil on canvas; his African period; The Picasso Room of the Hermitage, St.