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Bernese Mountain Dog. Ive wanted this type of dog for so long! The amish breed some right outside of Wellman, wahh someone buy me one :)

phhhhttttt... Ha. I Love this! It needs to be an ID photo on social media stuff or a T-shirt! Don't you just feel like this some times! Perfect caption. ~lg

YOGA?! Is not as easy as I thought - wooff!! #yoga #balance #helpwithyoga

one dog by itself looks lonely. You need to have at least two, if not more. REmember, they're pack animals. And they won't care when you go to work..they have each other.

How do they manage to look so COMFORTABLE regardless of the position?

Why is this cute?! here to find out more

Bought my grandpa a white teacup chihuahua just like this after my grandma passed away to keep him company....he named him Taco and treats him like his baby. :*)

He slept like this for half an hour