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    Want to know what was in this amazing syrup? Well, one grain (65 mg) of morphine per fluid ounce, cannabis, heroin, powdered opium which are the active ingredients to put your little one to sleep. It also had sodium carbonate, spirits foeniculi, and aqua ammonia in it, because....why not? Removed from the market in 1938 after 89 years of service! :0

    Seems a bit much.. but what ever lol

    If anything will give your infant relief, it's Victor's formula...which included cannabis and chloroform. Also helped with the old "looseness of bowels" issue.

    Laudanum was a wildly popular drug during the Victorian era. It was an opium-based painkiller prescribed for everything from headaches to tuberculosis

    Hard to believe it once was a medicine!

    Mary Bell - child serial killer When she was 10, Mary Bell strangled a 4 year old boy named Martin Brown. When she was 11, she, along with a 13 year old friend killed another boy, this time a 3 year old named Brian Howe. They strangled him, and Mary carved an “M” into his stomach, cut off his hair, and mutilated his genitals. She was convicted shortly afterwards and served 12 years in prison, eventually she was released and granted permission to start life under a new name. She ...

    the good old days. check the ingredients...

    Merck Cocaine 1882.

    In 1966, David Reimer's circumcision was botched and he lost his penis to burns. Psychologist John Money suggested that David be given a sex change, his parents agreed. Money then used David to prove that gender identity was not inborn, but determined by upbringing. David was renamed Brenda and surgically altered to have a vagina. Brenda acted like a boy throughout childhood. At 14 Brenda was told the truth and decided to go back to being David. He committed suicide at the age of 38.

    Cannabis as medicine

    Victorian morphine set

    Trichobezoar - hairball in the shape of a stomach removed from a 12 year-old girl after she spent 6 years eating her hair.

    Marie Curie's experimental notebook - which after almost a hundred years, is still radioactive. Her notes and books can only be handled safely using radiation gear and are stored in lead lined boxes.

    My mom said they used it on me when I was cutting's got Morphine in it and is 44% alcohol, now that explains a lot ! LOL

    Civil War period antique chloroform tin with the label of the Georgetown, D.C., druggist R.S.T. Cissel. Many a Civil War war soldier was grateful to see this bottle in the medical tent.

    Photograph of an unknown man during the Depression c.1932

    Lizzie Borden On August 4, 1892, Andrew Borden had gone into Fall River to do his usual rounds at the bank and post office. He returned home at about 10:45 a.m.; Lizzie Borden claimed that she found his body about 30 minutes later.[citation needed] During the murder trial, the Bordens' twenty-six-year-old maid, Bridget Sullivan, testified that she was lying down in her room on the third floor of the house shortly after 11:00 a.m. when she heard Lizzie call to her, saying someone had kille...

    OLD cure........ Still used, but now in many different forms and doses....... Heroin, Codeine, etc....... all come from OPIUM.....

    Cannabis & chloroform.

    110-year old reusable condoms made from fish bladder

    Cannabis Indica "WOW LIQUID POT" Those rascals of the early 1900's probably giving this stuff to kids and adults for all types ailments no doubt !