Want to know what was in this amazing syrup? Well, one grain (65 mg) of morphine per fluid ounce, cannabis, heroin, powdered opium which are the active ingredients to put your little one to sleep. It also had sodium carbonate, spirits foeniculi, and aqua ammonia in it, because....why not? Removed from the market in 1938 after 89 years of service! :0

Hard to believe it once was a medicine!

Laudanum was a wildly popular drug during the Victorian era. It was an opium-based painkiller prescribed for everything from headaches to tuberculosis

Merck Cocaine 1882.

one night cough syrup. check out those ingredients

If anything will give your infant relief, it's Victor's formula...which included cannabis and chloroform. Also helped with the old "looseness of bowels" issue.

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Wow, 44% alcohol plus morphine... it may be habit forming, imagine that.

Ayds was an appetite-suppressant candy which enjoyed strong sales in the 1970s and early 1980s and was manufactured by The Campana Company. It was available in chocolate, chocolate mint, butterscotch or caramel flavors, and later a peanut butter flavor. The original packaging used the phrase "Ayds Reducing Plan vitamin and mineral Candy"; a later version used "appetite suppressant candy". The active ingredient was originally benzocaine, presumably to reduce the sense of taste to reduce eatin...

Vintage ad for whiskey toothpaste. They must use this on Mad Men

Seems a bit much.. but what ever lol

Vicks Formula 44 Cough Syrup - 1970

Marijuana has been medicine for all of human history.

Vintage Soda Pop Signs: 1938

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☤ MD ☞☆☆☆ Metcalf's Coca Wine was one of a large number of cocaine-containing wines available on the market. All claimed medicinal effects, although they were undoubtedly consumed for their "recreational" value as well.” Coca wine contained 30 grains of Erythroxylum coca (from which Cocaine is made) per ounce of wine

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Stickney and Poor’s Paregoric was a mixture of opium and 46% alcohol. Used to heal ailments in both adults and children in the early 1900s.

Louisa May Alcott, nurse during the Civil War and well known author, wrote "Little Women"

An advert for Mrs Winslow's Soothing Syrup, a patent medicine of the late 19th century which contained morphine, and was used as a cure for teething troubles in infants Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2198086/Victorian-adverts-health-remedies-laden-cocaine-morphine-alcohol.html#ixzz25VokLgrQ