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      For Making Heart Vein Opening Drink Ingredients: 1 cup Lemon juice 1 cup Ginger juice 1 cup Garlic juice 1 cup Apple cider vinegar Mix all above and simmer in low heat for about 60 minutes or till solution reduces to 3 cups.Remove solution to cool, then mix 3 cups of natural honey and store it in a jar. Drink one tablespoon daily before breakfast. Your vein’s blockage will open in most cases. Enjoy your drink. Taste good too.

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    Want to use natural remedies that actually work? These are 6 old-time cures your grandmother and great-grandparents used that actually work. Grab these now for the next you or a loved one is feeling under the weather.

    An Apple Cider Drink recipe that actually tastes really good! Berry Lemon ACV Drink from Primally Inspired

    Grapefruit. Use in a lymphatic massage for lymph node stimulation and detoxifying – especially at the onset of cold or flu symptoms. Mix 2%-5% with shampoo or conditioner for scalp problems or dandruff. Leave in hair for 10 min. Diffusing can also build immune system and kill pathogens. Put a few drops in a cup of water and leave the toothbrush in overnight to disinfect. Use topically, diluted 5%-10% for skin conditioning.

    Vapor Rub Shower Cubes

    Essential Oils for Arthritis

    Young Living Essential Oils: Antibiotic Recipe Anyone interested in purchasing the oils or learning more can email me at siegel_m@bellsout.... I would be more than happy to help! Or check out the products and order at www.youngliving.c... Or check out their main website at

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    Young Living Essential Oils: Scars or stretchmarks

    Mama Loves Her Oils!: DIY Young Living Essential Oil Allergy Bomb Roller. Great and natural allergy relief!

    16 Ways to Prevent & Get Rid of Cold Sores | Everyday Roots. My husband will be glad I pinned this one!

    Stunning Arthritis Treatments That Get Powerful Results! -- Apple cider vinegar and baking soda are two incredible arthritis treatments. Here's why these little-known home remedies for arthritis work so amazingly well...

    Restless Leg Remedy!!! ((this actually works people! I, Bryn, am here to tell you I've spent too many nights up watching reruns of 'The Golden Girls' because my legs won't sit still. But this works!! Also helps relieve headaches and other muscle aches!!))

    Use Ivory Soap to help with restless legs at night! #pullingcurls


    How to Cleanse Your Colon in 21 Days with 2 Cheap and Mighty Ingredients? #coloncleanse #detox

    Please Share This Page: If you are a first-time visitor, please be sure to like us on Facebook and receive our exciting and innovative tutorials on herbs and natural health topics! Image – We discovered a great page all about arthritis and joint pain, courtesy of our friends over at Everyday Roots. The link [...]

    Easy, natural, AND inexpensive way to prevent ear infections.

    Amazing Herbs Black Seed & Pumpkin Seed Oil | I tried pumpkin seed oil to thicken my hair; however, I noticed that one of my three grey hairs had developed a brown root. My hair is naturally brown. Black seed oil has a reputation for preventing premature grey, so the combination seems like it might work to maintain my natural color. I use this oil blend with heat as part of a deep treatment when conditioning my hair. This blend does not smell good, at all.

    For Purchase: Black Seed Herbal Honey | Amazing Herbs | HoneyZest Immune Boost - 16oz

    Black Seed truly is an Amazing Herb! For centuries, the Black Seed herb and oil has been used by millions of people in Asia, Middle East, and Africa to support their health. An aromatic spice, simi...

    ----> Magnesium is a miracle mineral! It is beneficial in treating so many things, including migraines, ADHD, fatigue, muscle soreness, PMS, and MORE. Learn how to make homemade Magnesium Lotion and about it's many benefits. || www.DevotionalFam...

    This smells so amazing I want to eat it. It's like a delicious wintergreen peppermint smell. I rubbed this on my daughter neck that had a knot in it from swimming and she said it immediately felt better. I used it on my husbands legs since he's a runner and they get very achy. I use Coconut oil as my carrier oil.

    DIY Vapor Rub - A simple trick for helping children (or even adults) sleep better when fighting congestion from a head cold. 1 Tablespoon vapor rub + 1 Tablespoon water. {}

    Recent studies show that hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure as effectively as some standard hypertension drugs can. Hibiscus is safe and, unlike most blood pressure drugs, rarely causes side effects. Plus, hibiscus plants can be grown in much of the U.S, so you can actually grow your own blood pressure medicine.

    DIY Sore Muscle Cream - this WORKS!!