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Pretty sure I had the Britney Spears, one.

You know you're a kid when you know what HitClips were! Coolest thing ever! I remember I had a Britney Spears and a P¡nk one! XD i miss mine!

333 Reasons Why Being a '90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off. I remember about 90% of this list.

375 Reasons Why Being a '90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off

240 Reasons Why Being a Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off. from stirrup pants to butterfly clips, puppy surprise to cabage patch kids, magic eye books to roll on body glitter, spice girls to backstreet boys, there is nothing I disliked about growing up in the

most of these are incredibly disturbing, but this one is true for me ;p i have fun pairing them up

19 Brutally Honest Teacher Confessions

I loved this....

HIT CLIPS oh my .we thought these were so cool but looking back it was only like 30 seconds of the song!

Yes!!!! Remember these all too well- I had the Rugrats on VHS!  They used to have little shorts between episodes- loved the Inside Out Boy shorts!  And the intro was priceless... Ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-Nick-NICKELODEON!!!!!

I remember the neon orange Nickelodeon VHS tapes! I had Harriet the Spy.

Thank you, Nickelodeon, for featuring all of these on countless commercials.

didn't realize wanting these made me a kid. I totally owned moon shoes. And a Bop it. And I still hate my parents for never buying me a kid-sized pink jeep.

A show that made grocery shopping look fun: | 50 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Childhood

A show that made grocery shopping look fun:

Super Market Sweep, another great game show that I wanted to be on!

The Big Comfy Couch, i loved this show sooo much when i was little!

The big comfy couch! A huge part of my childhood with Luna and Molly a clown and her dolly on the big comfy couch!

The Brave Little Toaster

I LOVE brave little toaster! OMG everytime I tell people about the Brave little toaster they look at me like I'm crazy! This shit always played at the Doctors office when I a kid. AND I LOVED IT! Who's a brave little toaster?