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  • angel devil

    2headedsnake: Bruno Walpoth, Melodia Trattenuta, 2012, Wood Sculpture

  • kris Natarò

    'Melodia trattenuta' by Italian artist Bruno Walpoth (b 1959). Wood. 88cm. via Beautiful Decay. Source: the artist's site

  • Marcelo Amp

    Esculturas de madeira de Bruno Walpoth

  • John Montenegro

    Bruno Walpoth. Laden with a strong sense of introspection, artist Bruno Walpoth’s wooden sculptures appear nearly alive in their realism. However, upon closer inspection one can view the line work and cuts of his carving technique, adding sublime textures to their wooden skins. Often exposed and situated alone within their installations, the pale figures appear caught in a moment of reverie, silent in their musings.

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I see wisdom & weariness in her eyes. Haunted but healing. This artist's wood sculpture feels so alive :: Bruno Walpoth

Modern work by Bruno Walpoth who is an artist which makes incredible human sculptures from wood.

Bruno Walpoth. Melodia trattenuta. Lead sculpture, 88 cm.

BRUNO WALPOTH * 1959 * Italian * * Wooden Sculptures ~ portrait

Ceramic Sculpture, Figurative ceramic sculpture, sculpture in clay

Marek Zyga, ceramic artist. Poland. 6 sculptures at the gallery this moment -

Wish I could visit this one in person. Would love to be able to walk around it and (mentally, not physically!) poke at it.

sculpture in Portishead. I think this is so cool because it captures the movement of a natural element within the element itself.

miss-mary-quite-contrary / DSC_0784 by radu09 on Flickr / BRANCUSI Sculpture