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    In 1921, Coleman became the first African American woman pilot. Denied admission to flying schools in the U.S., she earned her pilot’s license in France and became known for stunt flying and aerial feats. (Photos: National Air and Space Museum/Public Domain; Marc Bushelle)

    I'm Brianna Wu, And I'm Risking My Life Standing Up To Gamergate

    Lina Cavalieri (1874 - 1944) was an Italian opera singer known as the "world's most beautiful woman." Orphaned at the age of 15, she went to Paris where she took voice lessons, and made her opera debut in 1900. She married four times. After retiring from opera, Cavalieri ran a cosmetic salon in Paris, published a book, made motion pictures, and worked as a WWII volunteer nurse. She and her forth husband were killed during an Allied bombing raid in 1944.

    Sarah Rector turned 18-years-old in 1920, the young Black woman had a personal net worth of a million dollars!

    50 Powerful Women Religious Leaders To Celebrate On International Women's Day

    Frances Glessner Lee~ "The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death."

    Nez Perce woman named Chica-ma-poo and known as Old Jean, the oldest member of Chief Joseph's band, Colville Indian Reservation, ca. 1901

    On the 70th Anniversary of the Execution of Sophie Scholl, 22 February 1943 - Sophie Scholl was a German woman executed by the Nazis for distributing anti-Nazi pamphlets. Prison officials, in later describing the scene, emphasized the courage with which she walked to her execution. Her last words were: "How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to offer themselves up individually for a righteous cause? Such a fine, sunny day, and I have to go."

    Born December 8, 1919: Julia Robinson (1919–1985), eminent mathematician who contributed to the fields of logic and number theory and whose collaboration solved Hibert’s Tenth Problem. First woman elected to the National Academy of Sciences (1975). First woman  president of the American Mathematical Society (1983).

    Pioneer Feminist Frances Willard; Nothing concerning women escaped Willard's attention. She campaigned for change in prostitution laws, attacking grievous situations that were allowed to flourish. Prostitution in some lumber camps amounted to child slavery. The age of consent in twenty states was a mere ten years of age, and in one it was seven.

    Queen Helen of Romania wearing the "Greek key" tiara. During World War II she devoted herself to the care of the wounded. For her efforts to rescue Romanian Jews from the Nazi Germans, she was awarded the status of Righteous Among the Nations. Crown Prince Michael of Romania is pictured with her.

    Elizabeth Taylor: Asked why she appeared in public with her head shaved after a brain-tumor surgery, she told an interviewer that maybe others would see the picture — and say, "Hey, if she can get through it, so can I."

    Daphne Selfe - still modeling at age 83 for Vogue, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce and Gabbana and more...

    A picture found in a Dutch article in a late 50's magazine, about women wearing trousers. A summary of the text: "Imagine the summer of 1905. At the races at Auteuil (near Paris) a woman appeared wearing trousers in public for the first time. Her name is unknown, but this is a picture of her. Police men had to protect her against the curiosity and outrage of the crowd. The incident dominated the newspapers for days on end. It wasn't until the 1920's that women wearing trousers reappeared...

    Notorious transvestites who scandalised London in 1870, Fanny & Stella. The day after their arrest, the ladies arrived sensationally at Bow Street magistrates court where nearly 1,000 people gathered to watch them be taken inside. The two men spent 4 months in jail awaiting trial, and if convicted, their sentence would be between 10 years and life in prison. But despite the fact that their apartment had been under surveillance for a year, the prosecution case was weak and the men were acquited

    Helen Richey was Amelia Earhart's copilot on one flight across the Atlantic. She became the first woman hired to be a pilot by a commercial airline in the US. She was the first woman licensed as an aviation instructor. She was the first woman to fly a scheduled mail flight. During WWII she commanded a group of women pilots for the British Air Transport Auxiliary, flying bombs between factories and airbases. She died by suicide at age 38

    A little-known English nun who helped to hide Italian Jews from the Nazis in wartime Rome is being considered as a possible saint. Mother Ricarda Beauchamp Hambrough is credited with playing a vital role in saving the lives of more than 60 Jews by smuggling them into her convent. The Bridgettines,

    17-year-old rape victim is threatened with jail if she releases the names of the boys that pled guilty to raping her and taking pictures of the act. Believing that victims of sexual assault have no right to be silenced about their attackers, she immediately posted their names on the internet, and gained immediate media attention. A 17 year old hero to all sexual abuse victims out there!! The entire justice system should be ashamed of itself!

    Qiu Jin wore masculine attire before the Qing Dynasty and system of imperial rule fell (in other words, during a time when traditional Confucian values about women’s proper place were still dominant). She made war with the emperor and was beheaded. She’s touted as China’s first feminist. This photo is from Chinese Women Writers and the Feminist Imagination, 1905–1948 by Yan Haiping.

    Doris Bohrer was an operative for the OSS (the CIA's precursor) in the 1940s, and served in Italy

    Tahia Carioca

    Sarah Klein, who performed under the stage name Sparkly Devil, died early Sunday morning in a car accident on Highway 101 in Burlingame, Calif. Photo: Eric Luse, SFC

    This Week in Beat Making: An All Female Hip-Hop Crew From Dakar (5/23/13)

    Teen Who Was Expelled From School For Science Explosion Receives Full Scholarship U.S. Space Academy (5/23/13)

    Gimp Project: Aerial Silk Duet - YouTube